Memory stick problem?

  7 12:54 29 Jan 2005

I have just bought 512 sony memory stick magicgate for my sony p100 camera. i have got strange problem. where i am checking on net, it shows that on 512 MB with 5MP , i can store 216 photos and with 3MP, i can store upto 651 photos but on the memory stick which i bought it shows up only 199 on 5MP and 216 on 3MP. when i tried to contact the seller from, they said this

" 3mp has 750k and 5mp has 1250k if you divide the megabytes of the cards you have to the number of k it will give you the amount of pictures the card will hold"

now i donot understand the concept of KB here.

I took photos with both 5MP and 3MP from my camera and it shows the size of photo as 1.94 MB for 5MP and 1.10MB for 3MP. And if u calculate in this way it should come out to be on 5MP i should able to store 263 photos and on 3MP it should be 457 photos.

Now i donot underastand this logic here. who is right and who is wrong.

kindly some body explain that if there some part of stick v donot have acceess or there is something else.

every comment is appreciated.....thanku

  7 13:02 29 Jan 2005

sry i forgot to add that the sony memory stick which i bought is sony memory stick PRO 512MB....

  7 15:44 29 Jan 2005

any comments?

  7 15:44 29 Jan 2005

any comments?

  CHRoNÏÇ DÂWG 16:23 29 Jan 2005

sorry im unable to help with your problem, but just reading through your thread, if you want help i think you may need to give some more info.

Hi 7.

I am sorry but I don't think I am going to make life any easier for you! When quoting file sizes and number of pictures available, the photo quality has to be taken into account.

You can usually take digital photos in 3 qualities according to your camera. If you have the lowest setting, you can obviously take more because the file size is smaller. The highest setting will store the least because the files are bigger. The pixel rating will also make a difference so getting like with like is basically perm 3 with 2!

It may be, therefore, that amazon are quoting the standard file size whereas you have the camera set to a different quality which would give you a different photo count. Highest quality is usually defined as "fine" by the way.

Try changing your quality settings and see what happens.

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