Memory stick memory loss

  Chelonian 15:14 29 Apr 2009


I'm a novice at this stuff.

My ancient PC runs MS Windows ME. I regularly back-up files to a Kingston 4GB DataTraveller memory stick. Yesterday it was just fine. Today I can't open it and my PC flashes up a messsage: "Disk is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?"

I haven't formatted the disk because I guess that whatever is on it will vanish if I do.

I also plugged the stick into another very modern PC running MS Vista and the same message appeared.

I always "unplug" the memory stick by clicking through the on-screen protocols.

Is there any way of opening or recovering the data on my memory stick?

As I mentioned, I'm a novice so any help will be gratefully received!

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

  Pineman100 17:05 29 Apr 2009

Memory sticks are not quite as reliable as the manufacturers would like you to believe. You certainly shouldn't format it - that will guarantee total data loss.

Try downloading Recuva and see whether it can recover your files. It lists all versions of Windows back to 98 as being suitable, but it doesn't mention ME. However it's worth a try.

  Pineman100 17:06 29 Apr 2009

I forgot the link: click here

  jamesd1981 17:41 29 Apr 2009

hey if you have to format it to get it to workyou should still be able to get back your data using recuva as pineman said i used it to get back a file i deleted by accident and i ended up getn loads of stuff recovered from ages ago and i format my stick often.

  Pineman100 18:00 29 Apr 2009

Yes, I should made myself clearer. Don't format he stick *until* you have recovered as much as you can from it, and saved those files elsewhere.

Then you can reformat the stick, and hopefully bring it back into use. But alway try to keep your backup files in two locations - just in case.

  Chelonian 12:29 30 Apr 2009

I'll try it. Much appreciated!

  Pineman100 18:02 01 May 2009

Please let us know how you get on, for the benefit of anyone else who might have a similar problem.

  Chelonian 18:07 02 May 2009

Hi pineman,

The app you suggested is v. useful. Thank you. Recuva works happily with Windows ME too. But when I tried to get it to "open it up" the memory stick the app said that it couldn't boot the memory stick. So I'm kinda back to square one for now.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:24 02 May 2009

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