Memory Stick hiccup

  vassos 08:42 25 Jul 2011

I have used a stick for years to store certain info which I update almost daily. Since yesterday I am being told I cannot save due to a "File Permission Error"!! What is all this about? What causes this?How do I rectify it? Many thanks.

  vassos 09:53 25 Jul 2011

Having poked and prodded around for half an hour I am now convinced this problem lies with my Microsoft Office Word 2007 blocking the save. I read that others have has similar problem but as yet nobody has come up with a reason or a cure. Any ideas?

  Peter 13:11 25 Jul 2011


Are you saving your files into a folder on your memory stick or are they being saved into the Root directory? If it is the Root directory then the problem could be that the Root directory has a limit to the number of files that can be saved.

If this is the problem you will need to add a folder and save your files into that folder. You will probably need to remove at least one file from the Root directory to make room for the new folder. This file can be copied to your hard drive and back to the folder when you have made it.


  vassos 21:33 25 Jul 2011

Info is being saved directly to a memory stick or CD. Mostly a stick. I've been battling with this issue all day and haven't got anywhere. It is coming up with the same message "File Permission Error" (E:\Access.doc)

  Peter 22:57 25 Jul 2011


Like I suggested earlier, you appear to be saving your files into the Root directory of the USB drive "(*E:*Access.doc)". You need to make a folder in the Root directory and save your files into it.


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