Memory stick 32gb Fat32 or NTFS ?

  tonyq 17:42 05 Nov 2013

I have just bought a couple of Duracell USB Memory Sticks 32gb, which I am having problems with. Should they be formatted in Fat32 or NTFS ?.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:49 05 Nov 2013

Only bother with FAt32 if you want to use them in a PVR or on an old windows 98 machine.

  tonyq 18:24 05 Nov 2013

Fruit Bat, I have just tried to format the memory stick both Fat32 and then NTFS,in both cases a notice came up, "The disc is write protected"

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:35 05 Nov 2013

There may be a very tiny switch on one side of the stick.


go into command prompt then type "diskpart" type "list volume" then "select volume xxx" (where xxx is the write protected problem drive) then type "attributes volume clear readonly"

Then exit command. Then try to write to or format the drive.

  bumpkin 18:59 05 Nov 2013
  tonyq 19:24 05 Nov 2013

Fruit bat, bumpkin, I thought i would give it one more try, before trying your suggestions,low and behold I have been able to format the memory stick and transfer files. Still don't know what the problem was though. Thank you both for your help/advice.

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