Memory Stick

  jz 13:25 16 Apr 2006

Whenever I plug my memory stick into a USB socket of my PC, Windows XP brings up an Autoplay box, does a quick scan of the stick, then another box appears asking what action I want to take (eg copy pictures, play music, no action, etc). Is there a way to stop this from occuring evertime I plug it in? There isn't a little tick-box which says always do this action - I seem to recall that I get such a tick box when I put a CD in the drive, although even if I choose take no action and tick the box, it still comes up every time I put a CD.

  BurrWalnut 13:55 16 Apr 2006

Plug it in, go to My Computer, right-click the stick, Properties, Autoplay Tab and select mixed content and the action you want to do when it's plugged in.

  jz 21:21 16 Apr 2006

Thanks BurrWalnut. That seems to help. After following your advice, it still does the annoying autoplay scan, but at least it no longer ask what action I want to take afterwards.

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