Memory speeds question

  keith-236785 12:34 31 May 2004


i have just replaced my motherboard with a ASROCK K7S8XE+ which supports a FSB of 400mhz,

at the moment i am using my old proc/memory which runs at 266mhz (amd xp1800+, 2*256mb kingston valueram pc2100).

i am looking to replace my proc/memory to boost my system but as my pockets aren't too deep, i will be going for a AMD 2800 @ 333mhz FSB.

my question is, can i buy 400mhz memory (ddr 3200,)will it run at 333mhz, or will i need to buy 333mhz to match my proc?.

i have seen somewhere that you can't use 400mhz with a 266mhz proc, so i am going to replace both at the same time but would like to know about the memory for future upgrading.

thanks in advance

  ste_bla 12:41 31 May 2004

If you get 400 ram with a 333 cpu it will only run at 333 as your comp is only as fast as slowest item

however if you get 400 then later if you wanted you could get a cheap 400 cpu and you wouldnt have to buy more ram to use its full potential

Ofcourse you could overclock your cpu but not sure about AMD cpusandhow much/well it would do..

  keith-236785 12:56 31 May 2004

thanks,my intention is to but ONE new lot of ram, i just need to know if 400mhz will run at 333mhz.

i know older memory was backward compatible but i read somewhere about a problem using 400mhz mem with a 266mhz proc, the proc i intend to buy is 333mhz.

as the memory is about the same price, and AMD seem to have stopped pushing the XP series any further (they seem to be concentrating on 64bit procs now) then this will probably be my last upgrade memory wise. may just go for a 3200 when funds allow but for now i will have to stick with the 2800.

  ste_bla 13:06 31 May 2004

Yea it will just get some decent stuff from crucial

And doesnt it seem a bit silly of AMD considering 64bit OS etc wont be out for atleast 2 years and by then we will be using 5ghz cpus.. but then i guess its upto them, i just hope my new 2.8 can last till 2010, if i only knew who much kids cost i would have been more carefull....

  keith-236785 13:47 31 May 2004

yeah i know what you mean about kids, i got 4 of em lol

oldest ones nearly 18 and learning to drive, youngest is 1 year old today. happy birthday thomas.

thanks for the info, i will get some 400mhz mem. But i will stick with Kingston (lifetime guarantee), crucial just seems to be a little overpriced unless you are going to overclock (which i am not),

  ste_bla 13:55 31 May 2004

have fun and happy birthday thomas..

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