memory speed

  desperate1950 17:07 04 Jun 2005

I have instaled two sticks of 512 pc3200 400mz but!the bios has it running at 200mz any ideas friends


  DieSse 17:13 04 Jun 2005

Well the clock will be 200MHz - but as it's DDR RAM - Double Data Rate RAM - this is 400MHz as far as the RAM is concerned - are you getting confused about this?

  desperate1950 19:56 05 Jun 2005

Yes I am, I would expect the installed 400mz ddr to run at 400mz as against the 200mz as the bios reports i fell cheated.


  wky 21:13 05 Jun 2005

does it mean the 200mhz that it says on the bios will be doubled when the ram is being used. so that makes it 400mhz speed.

  Joe R 21:21 05 Jun 2005

the ddr channel memory, is used in the same type of way, that a hard drive raid setup is used.

The cpu can read from two parts of the memory, at the same time, thus increasing the bus speed, and hence the 200Mhz bus speed rather than 400.

  DieSse 22:56 05 Jun 2005

"I would expect the installed 400mz ddr to run at 400mz"

It is running at 400MHz - it does two accesses for each cycle of the clock. Since the clock frequency is 200MHz, this means the memory frequency is 400MHz.

  DieSse 22:59 05 Jun 2005

Unless you're (unintentionally) misleading us, and your system clock is 100MHz, making your RAM 200MHz.

Do you know for sure that your system is capable of running your RAM at it's full speed?

If you let us know your motherboard and processor, we might know enough about your system to give a clearer answer

  desperate1950 13:55 06 Jun 2005

My Mother board is an asus a8n with an athlon 64 3400 cpu

Desperate 1950

  DieSse 14:32 06 Jun 2005

I've had a look at the user manual for your motherboard and I can't see anything that shows how to set the memory bus to different speeds So :-

Why do you think the RAM is only running at 200MHz - is it a message, if so, what is the excat message that you see.

My supposition at this point is that the memory is running at 400MHz - though it's clock will necessarily be reunning at half of that.

You could try running Everest click here hich will tell you all about your RAM and speeds. If it's any consolartion, it shows my PC2700 RAM (333MHz) running at 166MHZ - which is down precisely to the Doubling effect of DDR RAM that I've been banging on about.

  desperate1950 14:39 06 Jun 2005

Thanks for all the replys friends I think it is now resolved the clock speed in the bios is 200mz then double it to get your running speed IE.400mz so thanks to every one again
Desperate 1950

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