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Memory Recommendation

  kendor969 15:01 19 Nov 2007

Upgrading my RAM from 2 to 4 gb. Who do you recommend ? Crucial or Kingston

  wee eddie 15:05 19 Nov 2007

even Vista does not like 4GB.

If you're set on it OK but I'd recommend that you stick with 3GB unless you have a compelling reason for the extra.

  Pine Man 15:58 19 Nov 2007

Only install 4GB if your are running 64bit Vista.

No 32bit operating systems can fully utilise 4GB here

  kendor969 16:04 19 Nov 2007

Thanks for the advice. Is 2 to GB worthwhile? I am using the computer mainly for photographic work.

  Pine Man 16:07 19 Nov 2007

Once you get above 2GB you will not notice much difference. If it is acceptable with 2GB I would stick with it and save your money.

  kendor969 16:51 19 Nov 2007

Thanks for your help. I'll save my money

  sunny staines 17:01 19 Nov 2007

I had read recently that on vista there is a tweak to make good use of 4gb of ram. I'm still on XP and cannot remember where i saw it maybe pcstats or tomshardware web sites.

  sunny staines 21:24 19 Nov 2007

worth a read
click here

  kendor969 12:19 20 Nov 2007

Sunny Staines
Thanks for the link helped me understand a lot better. I'll definitely save my money.

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