Memory Read Error

  Falk 21:52 09 Jun 2005

Hi, Im wondering what the possible cause of this error could be, it occurs whenever I am playing a game on the PC, it crashes to the desktop and displays "Memory could not be read/Written . I have tried a number of things to fix it, updating audio and video drivers, changing various graphics settings, altering page file, new fan installed, ram tests which found no problem, scan disk which found no problem, multiple patches and reinstalls, installing all window fixes/security and full scan with Ad-Aware Spybot AVG and Microsoft Anti Spyware which all found no problem and I dont know what to try next. Thanks

Abit VA-20 VIA KM400A
AMD Athlon Xp 3200+
1GB Ram
Radeon 9800
Windows XP Home

  madPentium 22:31 09 Jun 2005

sounds like a video card problem, video ram.
Do you have another card your could try?

  Falk 22:33 09 Jun 2005

I dont unfortunately plus Im only a novice so I dont really do any of that stuff so my options are limited I suppose, if it seems like its a video card problem I'll just have to take it into the shop thats why Im trying to troubleshoot here what people think it could be.

  skeletal 23:39 09 Jun 2005

Does it only happen with one game, or several? There could be a bug in the game (if it's only one obviously!). If so try forums relating to the problem game.

Also, try running your RAM tester again, but use the "harshest" setting and leave running overnight (they can take ages).

I had an intermittent problem with just one memory location (I got your error message about two or three times a week using the computer 8-10 hours per day) and it showed up as OK for many scans; it took me weeks to find out what was going on!


  Falk 23:45 09 Jun 2005

Yeah it happens with several games, I did think it was merely the game at first but it is happening on World of Warcraft, Battlefield Vietnam, Counterstrike and Guild Wars.

What did you have to do to fix your problem Skeletal..replace the RAM?

  ashdav 23:58 09 Jun 2005

possible cause click here

  Gaz 25 00:09 10 Jun 2005

I'm not sure of a way of testing Graphics ram, but I'd suggest just taking your Radeon 9800 Video Card back.

Just make sure you have set-up the correct settings, etc in the BIOS. Some cards dont like cirtain features, like Video Bios caching, etc.


  Falk 00:11 10 Jun 2005

Looks like Im going to be taking it into the shop then.

  DieSse 00:54 10 Jun 2005

"Memory could not be read/Written"

I can't see any logical reason at all why the finger should be pointed at the graphics card for this error message. (mind you I'm not saying it definately can't be the graphics card either!).

It's more likely a software message brought about by the program simply going wrong, and trying to address non-existent memory - hence the message.

So I would be more inclined to blame the system RAM.

To check this out, there are a number of good in-depth memory tests that you could run, such as click here and click here
which would at least check out this possibility as a first step.

  Falk 09:52 10 Jun 2005

Thanks for responses, yeah I have run the memory test from your link DieSse but it found no problems with my RAM.

  DieSse 10:00 10 Jun 2005

Are you running Dual channel RAM?

Are the modules in each channel an exact match?

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