Memory / RAM problem

  dave1234xxx 16:40 15 Nov 2010


My first post.

I have a HP Pavillion TX1000 that ran 2 x 512mb memory chips. The PC suffered a haevy blow causing one of the memory slots to become detached (soldering) from the Motherboard. It would require a very expensive Motherboard? Or is it fairly straightforward and cheap?

Im thinking of running the PC from ONE memory slot. It seems to work ok - but VERY VERY slow. Questions: Can I fix this by just updating the memory chip to a 2GB chip and then just putting that into the single slot (and removing the remaining 512mb chip?) Will this work? Thanks!

  bremner 16:52 15 Nov 2010

Have a look click here

  dave1234xxx 17:22 15 Nov 2010

The Hard Drive is knackered and has been replaced - it wasnt being recignised at all even in the BIOS.

Im getting conflicting reports the actual model is Tx1250ea from the sticker by the bar-code. There seems to be some suggestion that a 2GB would be compatible.

Say I do replace it with a 1GB (or a 2GB if possible) will it actually make the thing as fast as it once was, or will it have no real impact?

  GaT7 17:37 15 Nov 2010

It may make a difference if you can backup & do a fresh OS install/recovery, as this will get rid of all the rubbish that's collected over the years. A clean-up is also recommended (like in this thread click here), but it may not make as much of an impact as a fresh install/recovery AND the tip below.

Another thing recommended is to get a larger internal hard drive, &/or make the OS partition as empty as possible - i.e. generally with more free space available, the faster a system will be. The new HD can be a larger capacity 2.5" one to replace what you have now, OR an external 3.5" USB one to keep as much data off the OS partition as possible. G

  GaT7 17:51 15 Nov 2010

You could be right about it accepting a 2Gb module as some online stores a selling these for your model - see click here. But confirm this by running the Crucial scanner at click here (your model cannot be found by a manual search).

If you can confirm that a 2Gb module is indeed compatible, I could find you a cheaper price than Orcalogic or Crucial. G

  dave1234xxx 17:56 15 Nov 2010

I can confirm that the scan says 2BG is compatible. Will it speed the PC up. When I had the dual memory 2 x 512mb it was fast enough. Im thinking that a 2GB will make it even faster than it was before - or is this simply wrong? Would be interested in the cheaper price :)

  GaT7 18:13 15 Nov 2010

If that's a single 2Gb in EACH slot, then these start at £25 to £28 delivered at:
- eBuyer click here (choose cheapest delivery) &
- Play click here

Please ensure that you are buying a SINGLE 2Gb DDR2 module as some in the above searches are 2x1Gb & DDR3.

Yes, a single 2Gb module will be better than 2x512Mb modules even though it will be running in single channel. Having a 50% (or greater) free OS partition will also help considerably. G

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