memory question

  Majin_Vegetto 08:40 10 Nov 2008

what would happen if you put too much ram onto a motherboard for example if you put in 2gb to a motherboard that can only take 1gb. This is a bit of a stupid question i know but i want to upgrade my old laptop and at the moment it has the most it can take which is 160mb

  MAJ 09:08 10 Nov 2008

Either the extra memory wont register, or that particular slot will refuse to report any memory at all.

  Diemmess 09:39 10 Nov 2008

Two facts from personal experience.

My aging laser printer can accept extra ram up to a total of 250Mb. Anything more and it still works, but the extra is ignored.

When I once tried running W98SE with more than 500Mb the whole OS became unstable and crashed!

MAJ gave a very likely answer, but you can always try it. Nothing will be destroyed but don't persist if the computer becomes tetchy

  Majin_Vegetto 11:38 10 Nov 2008

so theres no real point in adding more ram to it

  MAJ 11:44 10 Nov 2008

Which laptop are you using, Majin_Vegetto? How old is it? Which operating system are you using?
160MB seems a weird amount to be the maximum.

  Majin_Vegetto 17:38 10 Nov 2008

yeah i know its really weird lol its a toshiba satelite pro 2140cds it comes with 32 mb and i put in the extra 128. i am currently running 2000 on it but im thinking of getting rid of it the thing is i need to have it wireless enabled and 98 is rubbish with wireless networking

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