memory and processor speed issues

  [DELETED] 16:28 12 Dec 2003

hello all
i am upgrading my processor at christmas time and i have 512mb of 333speed ram. obviously if i have a processor that has an fsb of 400 mhz, the ram will only run at 333, but if i were to buy some 400 ram, would i be able to use both the new and the old at the same time, or would the speed difference confuse the poor litlle things? my motherboard will accept upto 400, so i'm not worried bout that.

many thanks!!!


  [DELETED] 17:26 12 Dec 2003

You cannot say for certain one way or the other about the ram. Obviously if you add 400 ram to the 333 then the 400 will run only at 333. This is to match the stick that is already installed. The main issue is will the motherboard accept two different speeds of ram. Some do, some don't.

To be quite honest I would of thought that either you buy 333Mhz ram to match the first stick or sell the 333Mhz and buy two sticks or even better one larger stick of 400Mhz ram.

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