Memory Problems???

  sheepy 17:32 29 Apr 2003

Hi, please help. I have a computer that has 256mb ram but when I am using Access it seems to reduce the memory to about 4% and then eventually give up all together saying that there is no memory free. I have today tried to use Corel Draw 11 which had the same problem but programs like Excel & Word seem to be better & only reducing the memory to 40%. The system is 98 if that is any help, and until very recently I have had no other other problems.

  hugh-265156 17:35 29 Apr 2003

get an extra 256 of ram or try increasing the swapfile size.

  cream. 17:42 29 Apr 2003

Download a memory manager from here
click here+.

Also adjust your swap file to say 600Mb min and 600Mb max.

You could also look in start \ run \ msconfig \ startup and see what programmes you have running at start up. Disabling some of these may stop a memory leak.

  PSF 17:44 29 Apr 2003

Download cacheman it is a memory manager, it will help. click here With cacheman you select the type of work you do on the pc and it will modify the memory usage for you. There are pre-selected profiles for you to use.

As huggyg71 more ram would help.

  hugh-265156 17:51 29 Apr 2003

i know memory management programs are very popular and have tried most in the past to be honest i noticed no improvement with any of of them at all.these are in my mind just another program running.ram is cheap an will improve the performance much more than any program.

  sheepy 10:51 30 Apr 2003

HI, thanks for the help. I will try the memory manager programs also how do I increase the swapfile??

  cream. 13:07 30 Apr 2003

Right click the 'My Computer' icon, then choose Properties/Performance/Virtual Memory.

Now highlight the 'Let me specify my own settings' radio button. Then in the Minimum and Maximum boxes, put at least DOUBLE the amount of RAM your PC has. When you go on and click OK you will get a scary sounding message. Ignore it. You will also have to restart before the settings take effect.

If you have two drives/partitions, put the swap file on the second drive.

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