Memory Problems

  SudokuKid 16:56 09 Mar 2006

Can anyone help me, please

My computer has a ASUS A7V266_E motherboard running Windows XP with all updates installed.

There are three memory slots. I had two 256Mb modules installed,
I bought a crucial "compatible" 1Gb moudle.

The PC works with either the two 256Mb in Slot1 and 2 OR with the 1Gb in slot 1.

  seedie 17:04 09 Mar 2006

should work with 1gb in slot one and one of your 256's in slot two. are they all the same type?


  SudokuKid 17:25 09 Mar 2006

CD Thanks for the reply

I have tried all combinations of Slots and Modules without sucess.

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