Memory Problem - MSI Motherboard

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I have a MSI K7T266 Pro 2 (MS6380) motherboard, Athlon XP 1600+ and Windows XP Professional +256Mb DDR 2100 Ram. I recently bought anothe 512 MB of DDR 2100 RAM but when I installed it with the 256 MB the PC would not boot properly. It would get as far as the windows screen then flash a very quick blue screen error appears (too fast to read) and the {PC) restarts. THe PC boots fine with either module on its own but not together. Any ideas?

  CPU Temperature Too High 22:10 18 Mar 2003

I have MSI KT3V Ultra, and it runs on DDR-SDRAM 333MHz - 256Mb. Maybe that speed of ram is too fast. One other possibility is that your os does not support this amount of memory. WIN2K & XP - above 512 is fine, any os's lower than these - only install upto a certain amount, 512 most probably.

As stated I am running Windows XP Professianal, the memory is 266Mhz

  clayton 22:19 18 Mar 2003

put the 512mb in slot 1 & the 256mb in slot 2 see if that helps

Already tried that, no difference, thanks anyway

Looks like I have found the answer to my problem. The first memory stick (256Mb) is non-parity and the new one (512Mb) is parity and apparently you can't mix the two. You can tell by counting the number of chips on the module, if the total is divisible by 3 it is parity or ECC memory. The 256 stick has 16 chips (non-parity) and the 512 stick has 18 (parity). Hope this helps someone lse with a similar problem.

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