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  Richard Madeley 13:27 16 Feb 2003

When I first turn on my P.C right clicking on My Computer and the the Performance tab shows 80% free system resources. As I use it over time this goes down to about 67% even if I close all the applications I've opened since start up. Surely it should go back to 80%? Everything then takes longer to load, windows ponder opening for while etc.

Do things stay resident in memory even when not used and don't clear until reboot? Is the Swap File anything to do with it or Virtual Memory?

I had a program called Ram Cleaner that recovered ram (naturally) on request. Are these things any good? Am I using the right thing?

Can anyone recommend downloads for improving performance?

  Richard Madeley 15:57 16 Feb 2003

I found something called Ram Booster in the downloads section. Anyone else used this?

  MikeJ101 23:26 10 Mar 2003

Hi Richard - Try a little program called Cacheman
click here

It seems to work quite well - give it a go

  powerless 23:31 10 Mar 2003

How much memory do you have?

  Stokey 23:33 10 Mar 2003

Yes, I have used RamBooster for well over a year now. Although most people seem to prefer Chacheman it didn't seem to make any difference to me. I've tried most of them I think and RamBooster is the only one that has worked for me.

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