Memory needed for line-in to soundcard

  Peverelli 20:23 27 Oct 2003

I moved my PC into a different room over the weekend. I disconnected and reconnected all of the cables etc. and it seemed to be running fine. I most often use the PC for multitrack recording and soon came to realise that I couldn't record any sound through the line-in or mic sockets on the soundcard. Tried different cables and different audio sources but absolutely no sound was getting through. I tried all sorts of tweaks and eventually uninstalled/reinstalled the soundcard and associated programs, but still no joy. Frustrated, I turned to the manual and, slowly, the lights came on inside my head. Now, I thought I was "reasonably" competent when it came to sound on a PC but I had managed to put the cables into the soundcard in the reverse order! (Line-in into line-out etc.) So if anyone can point me into the direction of a memory booster, feel free to do so ;O)

Moral of the story is: Before doing something major & tearing your hair out - check the simple and obvious things first!

  TOPCAT® 20:53 27 Oct 2003

No pun intended, but if it helps ....??

A simple mistake like that can happen to the best of us, and I'll be the first to admit it! :o) TC.

  Peverelli 21:05 27 Oct 2003

Must be the Westcountry air, TC ;O)

  woodchip 21:17 27 Oct 2003

I started a thread only the other day on this very subject. Starting Like "before starting a thread do not panic", like looking for lost car keys. Now what was I doing last?????

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