Memory Module Performance - Single vs Double.

  Tinkey Winkey 09:46 15 Jun 2004

In this weeks Micro Mart (pg 103 )it says you get more performance from using two Ram sticks at 256mb as opposed to one at 512mb.

Why is this ?

Does it make a noticable improvement,or only the sort of speed increase that nerds would see under a fleet of benchmarking and diagnostic tools!!?

i.e virtually no difference to the majority of every day pc users who don't use the latest and greatest hard and software ?

(No offence intended Nerds.)

  johnsims 10:13 15 Jun 2004

If your mobo supports dual channel RAM then there is a slight improvement in memory performance, but in a recent memory test in either computer shopper or pcw (cannot remember which) the difference was sufficiently marginal that it hardly seems worthwhile if it costs more. On the other hand, if you have two sticks of RAM and one goes west, your pc will still run. If your single stick goes you ar up a gum tree. Not very likely I know, but with computers the law of Sod does seem to operate!

  Tinkey Winkey 10:31 16 Jun 2004

Thanks johnsims,

Two sticks of 256mb ram is usually cheaper than one at 512mb.

  Tinkey Winkey 10:35 16 Jun 2004

OOPS! Got that the wrong way round !(plonker)

A single 512mb module is about £5 cheaper than buying buying two sticks of 256mb.

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