Memory for a Medion MIM2080 Notebook

  storm1968 13:16 06 Jul 2014

I have just acquired a Medion mim2080, It is very slow, I did except it to be slow but thought I could upgrade the ram from the 192mb that it is now too the 2x1gb of ram I have from my old acer 5315 but it seems to be slightly to big is there anything I can do or will I have to buy new ram to fit the medion mim2080 if so were would be best to get it.

Thanks Geoff

  Woolwell 13:27 06 Jul 2014

Use the Crucial Memory Scanner Scanner or MrMemory Scanner on the Medion to identify the RAM required. Personally I find Mr Memory cheaper. Would be surprised if the ACER memory was correct.

  storm1968 14:09 06 Jul 2014

Thanks Guys yes it would be nice if the mem would fit the sticks are just a couple mm to long, in your opinion I know this is an older lap top is it worth getting 2 x 1gb ram for it, would it make a difference in this lap top.

cheers Guys Geoff

  storm1968 15:16 06 Jul 2014

Thanks guys, I did check myself and it is 2gb it will take, I am not after something super fast as I have pc's for that the only purpose for the lappy is to run a Davis Weather station Back up for main weather pc. The acer 5315 I had before this one was not super fast but it served the purpose, I have now dismantled all the acer lappy ready to put the bits on ebay in the hope of getting enough to pay for ram for medion.

Cheers Geoff

  BRYNIT 17:45 06 Jul 2014

Make sure you get the correct memory. From the info at Crucial the Medion takes the old DDR memory. The reason the Acer memory would not fit is because it was DDR2.

Upgrading the memory on the Medion to make it faster is a gamble as CPU and Mem may not be as fast as the Acer.

  storm1968 14:55 07 Jul 2014

Thanks again the processor in the acer was only a 1.73 so not that faster chip than the 1500 in the medion so like I say I am not really after a fast machine just a usable one for serving the net. I have now put all the acer bits on ebay so I will hope to get some mem for the medion mim2080.


  Woolwell 16:49 07 Jul 2014

I upgraded an old XP machine to 1 Gb and it did make a difference. The problem is that so many anti-virus require a fair amount of RAM.

  storm1968 11:39 16 Jul 2014

Well ! memory arrived I ordered two x 1gb from Offtek ltd as I did not wan't to spend two much and again they are just millimetres two long so will now have to send them back, am I doing something wrong, are the memory sticks for the medion mim2080 really mm different to other memory sticks.

Any advice I also have a dell inspiron 9100 and it seems to have the same mem as the medion as at the moment I am sharing the memory I have between the dell and the medion.


  Woolwell 14:59 16 Jul 2014

This is what you should have got mrmemory

  alanrwood 16:22 16 Jul 2014

£41 sounds a bit expensive for such an old laptop

  Woolwell 16:42 16 Jul 2014

I don't think that upgrading the Medion is that cost effective. You can get a Dell on ebay for £60.

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