Memory Management errors

  ragasparks 01:26 14 Dec 2013

Hey guys Basically having issue with my fairly new pc. Spec:

AMD Phenom II x4 965 Socket am3(938)

Asus m5a97 evo 2.0

16 gb ddr3 corsair vengence

samsung 840 ssd,

Western digital 2tb HD (WDC WD20 EARX)

Corsair gs600 watt psu

Asus geforce 660 gtx

N300 Wireless PCI Adapter WN311B

windows 7 64 bit.

Basically last month or so been having issue with games. Basically my system runs fine but when playing games(im sure direct x 11 only), after a certain time i get memory management error. I run the windows memory test and it said it found error before it even started the test. I have taken the ram out and tested on cousins pc and it came out fine with no errors and he used memtest when he tested it. At the moment i have 8gb which pc seem to stay stable without no bsod until i play games but having trouble working out what it could be. I've been told it could be either my Motherboard, Psu (may not be enough power for system) or even cpu/gpu issue. How can i determine what the issue is so i can replace what item it is since its under warranty. I have tested different memory slots individually on my motherboard and no error detected. The hole system was fine for like 3 month and then these errors started appearing. I have formatted system. updated bios on gpu, motherboard and ssd. Got latest nvidia drivers along with chipset drivers and directx etc. Any help would be much appreciated.

  Bris 17:47 14 Dec 2013

Suggest you download CPUID CPU-Z here run it and click on the memory tab then note the timings. Go to the Corsair website and compare the results from CPU-Z with the recommended timings for your memory. You may find the frequency your RAM is running at is less than the Corsair figure but thats OK.

Another thing to try is to go into your BIOS and look for something like "load failsafe defaults" and "load optimized defaults". Take the first one and see if that makes a difference, if so try the second. Now for the disclaimer... altering the BIOS settings always carries a risk so its up to you.

Good luck with it.

  ragasparks 16:50 16 Dec 2013

K Ok m8, i have adjusted the timings in bios to what my ram should be on and verified using the cpu-z app you suggested. I'll start trying some games out and see how it runs. Thanks for the support so far.

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