Memory Management

  Michendi 19:07 10 Dec 2004

Environment : XP Pro SP2 / 1gb RAM

As is normal if a system has been running a number of applications and has had several hours of work the "Available" memory decreases as expected. But if work on the system stops and all applications are closed the "Available" memory only increases marginally. The only way that I have found to release the memory is to Restart.

I know that there are 3rd-party memory managers but, I am reluctant to install yet another memory-resident utility (afterall the OS should be managing the memory.)

Question(s): is there a proven, safe, quick and managed way of clearing out the memory without having to Restart? And can this be done without having to close down running applications? In other words is there a method that can be deployed to clear out the garbage from memory without upsetting the OS or the applications?


  alnwrd 19:34 10 Dec 2004

Presumably you haver run msconfig and services.msc to ensure that only necessary programs are loaded into memory on startup.

A good site for getting info on services.msc is black viper

  JFT 20:00 10 Dec 2004

Cacheman click here

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