Memory Low - crashes etc

  ChiliPepper 12:03 19 Aug 2003

I run Windows ME. My PC has 256mb of DDR SD ram, but recently it has been low on resources and memory. I can't have very many browser windows up when using the internet, and if I do, other things that I am using stop working, and unless I close some windows it crashes. I don't understand why this happens - It never used to.

I do have quite a lot of programs in the task bar thingy on the right hand side (I don't know what the technical term is) but some of the programs that are running in the background. When I start up the computer quite a few that I don't want start automatically. Things like Quick Album and Kazaa - I don't know how to stop them from starting automatically though.

Please help, it is getting really annoying and awful now :(

  WaiKent 13:11 19 Aug 2003

first off, this always happenes to me even though i have approx 380Megs of RAM. to stop a load of the programs you dont want to start up in the taskbar, go to start/ run/ type msconfig and go to the startup tab at the top and unclick any programs you dont want to start up and click okay. it'll ask you to restart so do so. this might speed it up a bit.

  ChiliPepper 23:44 19 Aug 2003

Thanks, I just don't understand why it does it now. It never used to. If I bought more memory, would that help it?

I'll try that thing to stop the programs running when I start up, thanks.

  jazzypop 23:52 19 Aug 2003

256MB should be enough - it is as likely to be a resource leak problem. See the series of articles at click here for more info.

You should also disable unwanted programs from running automatically at startup, as WaiKent says.

You may find the list of startup programs at click here useful - it will help you identify which program does what, and whether it should auto-run or not.

  sil_ver 23:59 19 Aug 2003

Do not confuse memory with resources, more memory will not help. Resources is memory set aside by windows and is a finite amount, about 64kb I think altho' it doesn't apply to W2K or XP (I think) and the only way to reduce it is to stop all progs that you dont need running including screensavers and desktop themes. If you go to system manager and look at performance you will see the amount of resources available, try and keep it above 60%.

  sil_ver 00:28 20 Aug 2003

I forgot to mention that antivirus progs use a lot of resources so if your not actually using it shut it down.

  woodchip 00:35 20 Aug 2003

You are on WinME and it is dependent on the dos environment for memory. You could do as above and run MSCONFIG at start/run and go to startup tab and remove some background programs from running. also Download and install Cacheman.exe memory manager

  krypt1c 00:45 20 Aug 2003

As some of the replies say it's probably not physical memory, but virtual memory 'swap file'. You could try changing this. Have a look here on how to manage your swap file click here

  ChiliPepper 23:04 20 Aug 2003

Thanks, that's really helpful. My computer says it only has 32% of system resources free - but I'm still confused about which programs are safe to stop running at startup.

  ChiliPepper 23:08 20 Aug 2003

And the (now) 31% is when I have 1 msnmessenger conversation, 5 browser windows and the resource meter on the task bar.

  WaiKent 23:09 20 Aug 2003

i recently formatted my pc and the resources are higher than before i started so maybe that could help.

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