memory loss is it me ?

  firebirdb 05:35 04 Jul 2012

my PC is running slow, and tells me there is not enough memory available, I have not put on, anything to take up the said memory, and I have even gone to control panel and deleted everything (printer and photo stuff) that was not relevant, it runs ok for a while, but then starts the same messages "Not enough memory" as if something is running in the back ground, eating up memory.....Help !

  Nontek 05:58 04 Jul 2012

What are you trying to do when the message appears, like when printing? Are there any other messages at same time?

  Nontek 06:03 04 Jul 2012

Also it might help if you say whether Laptop or Desktop, what O.S. and size of hard-drive with amount of unused space - ie. 100Gb -45Gb available. Amount of RAM?

  firebirdb 06:16 04 Jul 2012

it is a desk top, no memory avilable, says "Pc low on memory" "low disk space" not sure where to find any other information

  Nontek 06:25 04 Jul 2012

Open you 'My Computer', you will then see C: drive, right-click on C: drive and this will tell you the drives capacity and how much of it is used/free.

What OS? XP/Vista etc? How much RAM?

  Nontek 06:36 04 Jul 2012

If your C: drive is nearly full, then that would through up the 'low on memory' error message - but this is not the only thing - we need to know more, can you answer my questions?

  Nontek 06:41 04 Jul 2012

I have other things to do - I will look back again later!!

  Nontek 07:17 04 Jul 2012

Ooops, delete through insert throw above!

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