Memory Loss!

  Dyffryn 21:35 08 May 2003

I'm back again with my Evesham Evolution 2.2! Before I have another of their IT techs visit my home could someone tell me how a machine with 512MB of RAM suddenly drops down and only shows 112MB in System Properties? On booting the memory test shows the full 49150K of memory, but everything is working as if it has about 64MB!

On his visit to me last week the Evesham's engineer replaced the motherboard and all it was in fact was the CMOS jumper was set to discharge instead of keep data. Now that worries me a little. I have checked to see that the DIMM chip is seated properly, but that is the extent of my knowledge. Any info would be much appreciated so that when I speak to Evesham I could do with some bullets to fire.

Regards Dave

  Jomi 21:55 08 May 2003

There are some articles on the microsoft site about memory leakage if that helps.

If you are using XP, have a look in add/remove programs at the microsoft 'hotfix' list and check if you've downloaded Q811493 recently, this update seems to be causing system slowdown, but I haven't seen reports of reduced memory size showing up in system properties.

  keith-236785 23:59 09 May 2003

looks like the motherboard recently fitted only accepts 128mb of memory and 16mb of that may be for onboard graphics leaving the 112mb you mentioned
if this is the case then they will have to come back to sort it and restore your computer to how it was before, with a motherboard that accepts more than 128mb of memory

some motherboards have a maximum amount per memory slot, if your 512 is one piece then i think that is your problem
it may be possible to get round it by flashing the bios (BUT THAT IS THIER JOB NOT YOURS)
call them again........
hope this helps

  The Sack 00:45 10 May 2003

*On booting the memory test shows the full 49150K of memory* On boot 512MB of RAM should show as 524288KB not 49150k (1024X512)

The Evesham Evolution 2.2 can take 3 x 1GB sticks BTW so it is hardly overloaded.

  Dyffryn 08:00 10 May 2003

Thanks to all who responded. I have been in contact with Evesham and they talked me through the system for about an hour! In short they eventually had me start up in safe mode and run DXDIAG. (They completely lost me in there)and then had me restore to a date when the machine was working normally. I now show 480MB of RAM in System Properties, why not 512? All seems OK now, but I'm not overall convinced that this problem will not re-occur. Your expert comments will be appreciated.

Thanks again lads & Lasses? Regards, Dave

  wee eddie 22:29 10 May 2003

32mg graphics!

  woodchip 22:42 10 May 2003

As wee eddie say's you have onboard Graphics using the rest of the memory if you go into bios you will probably see that you can change the setting to less or more memory use

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