memory loss

  mobileman1953 19:06 24 Feb 2006

running computer amd athlon xp 2200 with 512mb pc2700 ddr ram , windows xp pro , when computer been on for a few hours it reboots due to memory loss could anybody please tell me why my memory is not being freed

  Jackcoms 19:09 24 Feb 2006

I've forgotten. ;-))

  rmcqua 19:20 24 Feb 2006

Could be you have an intermittent connection on your RAM module, which shows up when the machine is fully warmed up. Try removing your RAM module, cleaning its contacts with a clean pencil eraser, then reinserting it securely. Might work !

  User-312386 20:05 24 Feb 2006

Its not the ram its the page file

Right click My Computer>Properties>Advanced Tab>settings (on the Performance and visual button)>Advanced Tab and click on change. Now ensure the System managed button is set and click on set

Now click ok and restart

  mobileman1953 20:26 24 Feb 2006

thanks will try your suggestions and report back if all is ok

  mobileman1953 19:10 26 Feb 2006

still having problems start out with 512 mb of ram after about half an hour of use down to 384 mb of ram any ideas what is using the other 128 mb

  User-312386 22:49 26 Feb 2006

Do you have onboard graphics by any chance?

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