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  Benoni 15:46 20 Aug 2003

Hi folks, I have an old machine, P11 350 mhz, 64mb RAM. It is sufficient for what I use it for ie. some surfing & playing chess on the net. Lately when on the ChessBase web site my PC slows/stalls when there is a large no. of users. I have reduced start-up applications to try & release memory but cannot get my memory load below 84% even after rebooting & only windows 98 & some norton applications running in the background. I realise memory is cheap nowadays & an upgrade will probably be recommended but surely I cannot be using 84% of 64 mb RAM without opening a program? Thanks in advance Benoni

  Bruce_Lee 16:01 20 Aug 2003

It depends on the number of applications still running and the number of processes (tasks) running in the background.

In Windows 98 press Ctrl+ALt+Delete. Look at the list of running tasks. Do you have quite a few listed?
When I do the same on my Windows 98 machine I have just three entries when I start my computer:



PC-Cillin background monitor

You should not have many more than this.
If you have a printer installed that will add another entry and you might find Rnaapp in the list if you use a dial-up internet connection.

To get more information go to the start menu and click on run. Then type msconfig. Go to the startup tab in the window that opens and see what programs are starting up when you load windows. You can deselect the entries you don't need.


  Bruce_Lee 16:12 20 Aug 2003

Also if your computer only slows down when you are on the ChessBase website when they have a large number of users, it may be that it is their server slowing down rather than your computer causing the problem.

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