Memory Latency

  orangewhiteblue 17:16 25 Sep 2008


I'm looking to buy some memory off ebay (PC 2700 DRR 333) and I believe that I need low latency for my motherboard to register the full amount of memory.

What am I looking for in the description that will tell me what latency it is?

I've seen some with a figure of CL2.5, is this it?

What figure is considered to be low and what high?



  tullie 17:19 25 Sep 2008

Go to the Crucial website and do a scan

  project 90 18:08 25 Sep 2008

there like 4 timings on the ram the lower the number the better. normally look like 5-5-5-15 think its the tRCD tRP tCL and tRAS. but these determin how fast the ram will perform a task.

mine set at 4-4-4-12 but think the like of the 333mhz stuff was lower.

as i said though the lower the number the more performance the ram will have.

hope that helps

  Quiller. 18:12 25 Sep 2008

"I need low latency "

Are you sure it is not low density ram you need. Most ram sold n ebay is the virtually unusable high density ram.

High density ram works in very few machines.

  orangewhiteblue 07:11 26 Sep 2008

Quiller, your right, I do mean low density.

It looks to me like I'd be better off going to Scan!

  birdface 08:16 26 Sep 2008

If you do a scan with crucial it normally will not tell you what you actually need unless you purchase it and what make of memory,and if he is looking on e-bay he is looking for something a bit cheaper.Maybe I have got that wrong but that is what happened to me the last time that i tried it.

  Quiller. 08:53 26 Sep 2008

" your right, I do mean low density."

then to me, you have 2 choices.

You go for the cheap ram and you ask for the full details. that includes all the code numbers on the ram so you can check the density.tell the seller it MUST be low density. you then would have to get the motherboard manual and see what density of chip it will take for the size ( Mb's ) of ram you want to put in the machine. It will also be worth going to the manufacturers website to see any updates on ram. Or you could post the details from the seller here and we could advise you.

Then you cross your fingers that it will work.

The second choice is you pay a bit more and get it from crucial and you know it will work or you will get your money back.

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