Memory issues - two :Lenovo laptops

  andy258 09:05 18 Jun 2017

I tried to post a request for help a few days ago, but I am not sure if it posted, so I am updating. I have two Lenovo laptops, both suffering from the same issue - huge spikes in memory, which lock them up. OS Windows 7, no virus, no adware, no malware. Having trawled the internet, including this site, I managed to fix the issue (fingers crossed), by using task manager. It showed me that memory was fine, until five mins after log on, when the memory spike would happen. I could see that the issue was a massive 600,000k and sometimes higher spike with svchost - indeed, it was open multiple times. Having experimented with my older laptop, I determined which of these svchost entries could be deleted without incapacitating the machines. Eventually, closing the offending single entry with very high memory usage did the trick. I noted that it tried to reopen again, every five minutes and I had to shut it down another five times, before it disappeared. I have now been using both laptops for the past day..fingers crossed all working. So, my question is, what causes all these multiple svchost.exe entries and why does one in particular open with such a huge memory drain figure. I am by no means it 'savvy', but I have learned a lot from friends, the internet and sites like PC advisor. I thought that my older lenovo laptop was done for, but it has been operating like a dream for the past day. PHEW! Can you guys advise me please- thanks in advance.

  alanrwood 09:41 18 Jun 2017

Multiple svchost events running is quite normal because it is a program used by many other pieces of software in order for them to run. The offending item is not svchost but the program that is calling on it to open. You probably need to determine which program was causing the massive memory hike and either delete it or maybe re-install.

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