memory install

  grizzley 18:12 07 Sep 2008

Can someone tell how to find,the first slot containing 256mb memory. I have install 512mb extra memory on my Ei system 4416 notebook, I would like to install another 512mb memory, but do not know where port 1 is. when I installed the latest upgrade,I put it in a spare port,but am not sure where other port is, could it be to the right, where something is covered by a black cover, no other areas available in the memory bay.

any advice would be appreciated.


  woodchip 18:20 07 Sep 2008

All memory slots on a Desktop are together, on a Laptop one may be hidden inside the Laptop and one under a Plate that you can update

  woodchip 18:21 07 Sep 2008

some like my HP Laptop only have one slot

  wee eddie 18:36 07 Sep 2008

the Memory slot is hinged with space for 2 sticks/cards.

All you need to do is to, gently, move/rotate the top stick from the horizontal to the vertical. This makes both slots visible, one behind the other.

  grizzley 19:52 07 Sep 2008

When I installed my newest memory. I tried to pull up the slot,but would not budge,will try again,and see,if not, I will look under the black cover,to the right of slot two.


  Demora 20:15 07 Sep 2008

If you know the Brand of the PC sometimes you can find the diagram of the insides of the pc. This helps a great deal before pulling anything out.

I had a Laptop where one memory chip was easy to get at but the other involved major surgery under the keyboard.


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