Memory Hungry Chrome

  jimforrest 17:35 22 Oct 2011

Since I've had my Acer Aspire 5746 Laptop running Win7 Home Premium 64bit with 4gig of ram I've not had to use the forum because it seems to work fine - until recently! AVG runs in the background and today it threw up a window stating that Chrome was using excessive memory (560mb). There were three tabs open - my Hotmail inbox (which doesn't refresh but has banner ads), my Jag Forum index page (which is fully static), and a Flash powered 1 to 1 chat that I use for business discussions - but was idle. What I also noticed was that the cooling fan was at nearly full pelt and very audible - whereas it is usually not noticeable. So I shut all progs down and ran CCleaner, then CCleaner Reg Cleaner, Adaware, Malwarebytes. They found nothing. Then I ran Spybot but with it doing a scan and the cooling fan running very fast, the laptop shut down. It has now restarted, Chrome is running, and the fan is quiet. But not for long - after 30 mins I got another high memory (by Chrome) message and recommending that I close it. This is all very recent so I'm wondering - Is there a problem with the latest Win7 update? Is there a problem with Chrome being (suddenly) memory hungry? Any ideas?

  johndrew 10:18 23 Oct 2011

As you are probably aware, one of the new features of AVG is a browser memory usage checker. You can find out more online if you choose.

To check the usage of memory in Chrome and control it, look at the link.

  Terry Brown 10:32 23 Oct 2011

As the cooling fan isrunning 'Very Fast', it points to a couple of main possibilities.

1 The processer is working harder than it needs to-- Other programs running in the background

2 The CPU heatsink is blocked with dust and it cannot cool the CPU enough (Overheating)

3 You have a virus on your system . Has your Gmail Chrome been compromised?

4 Someonme else may be using your system (Wireless connection) - Hacker?


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