Memory - How Much?

  glen2409 19:06 26 Jun 2005


I have 2 512md DDR400 memory sticks on my EPOX mobo with an AMD64 3000+ cpu. Been thinking of fitting another 512mb stick.

Will this make much difference and is it worth it. Memory is very cheap at the mo and a great system improver, but would another 512 make that much difference?


  Forum Editor 19:12 26 Jun 2005

not unless you regularly perform memory-intensive task, like moving big image files around.

Having said that, there's never any harm in having plenty of RAM; some of today's software can be pretty demanding.

  glen2409 19:14 26 Jun 2005

I do quite alot of memory intensive stuff like transcoding films,etc. I just thought whilst can get for around £30 might be worth it

  gudgulf 19:33 26 Jun 2005

Your last post answers your own question......go and buy the extra memory!

  Dr. Charles(retired now) 19:42 26 Jun 2005

I have 2 Gigs of memory as I do some "Big stuff" with both pictures and sound recognition. I run XP.

It has helped going from I gig to the 2. As FE says it depends what you are doing. 2 Gigs is the Max for XP why not give it a try



  Mr Mistoffelees 20:02 26 Jun 2005

Windows XP can use up to 4GB of ram.

  Joe R 20:41 26 Jun 2005


I have a similar setup to your own, ( Epox 9NP+ Ultra, AMD64 3200 ), and was able at the time, to get, four X 512Mb pc3200, in dual channel mode, for circa £130, and jumped at the chance.

Needless to say, the system is the fastest, and most stable i've used.

  Kate B 13:04 27 Jun 2005

I've got 2 gig in my machine and it flies along in Photoshop ... brilliant.

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