Memory help for new Desktop Build please

  Audio~~Chip 14:02 30 Nov 2012


I am trying to find some Good Memory for this Motherboard and Processor combination. Ususal i would use Crucial. I don't want to have to play arround with overclocking if it can be helped. The machine will be a hot machine I think using the processor below. I am looking for a 8GB 2x4GB Kit

Processor is a Intel I7 3770K 3.5GHz Skt 1155, No. 349026 from Ebuyer Motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-Z77X-D3H No. 351597 from ebuyer

I am looking at the DDR3 1600MHz

I am not sure on a cooler yet as I am also worried about fitting near the RAM. One thing at a time though

Maybe you might suggest a better motherboard ? Any Guide would be greatfully appreciated.

Cheers Steven

  spuds 14:21 30 Nov 2012

Probably not the answer you are seeking, but when I purchase items from Ebuyer, I ask their advice on stock specification suggestion and availability. They usually provide a suitable answer. If it doesn't prove to be suitable, then you can hold them to task.

  Audio~~Chip 16:58 30 Nov 2012

Thanks spuds, I need to order the memory this weekend really as I got to get all the bits together and build then test it.


  Audio~~Chip 23:14 30 Nov 2012

Maybe there is a better performance memory which is compatable with the motherboard I have choosen or a better non over the top board.

I understand the different speeds but not timming of the DIMMS. I know there are Neil, Balstix Crucial, Kingston, Geil but which is good.

  Audio~~Chip 12:56 01 Dec 2012

Thank You spuds, Chronos the 2nd, nickf & retep888

Chronus, i read into reviews re the I7 CPU I choose and was lead to believe it runs at very high temps but with you saying about overclocking then thats why it runs hot.

The memory however because there is so much of it, which memory is better than another brand ? Is Standard Crucial worthy being matched against a Processor and motherboard of this quality.

The machine will be used for haeavy media mutlitasking, web work and the main use will be for Animation creation using the Adobe Suites like Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, photo shop which i understand it to be fairly heavy software. The machine is for my Son who is having the machine for christmas to help him develop this animaiton video creation thing and also from Handycam videos like splicing video clips together to make small films clips.



  Audio~~Chip 23:49 03 Dec 2012

Ok thank you to everyone again who's posting

I am trying to find a 2x 4GB (8GB) Matching Memory Kit, DDRIII 1600MHz, 1.5v possibly low profile. I have looked and looked but non seem to be on the motherboard QVL i looked on Crucial and only the Balistix memory seems to meet this but they do want this memory is for Enthusiats and that it might give you reliabilty issues.

So I looked at the Standard Crucial Ram without heatspreaders and non of it in the 1600MHz is 1.5v where the mother states it to be 1.5V also don't think the Cruacial has that XMP support

  Audio~~Chip 00:05 04 Dec 2012

Would this be compatible and stable please at ebuyer Quick Code: 370064


  Audio~~Chip 00:55 04 Dec 2012

Thanks retep888

I am probably going to go for Ebuyer Code: 274034 this link

I need the low profile because of the Arctic freezer 13 pro so would this runn ok on the Gigabyte GZ77X-D3H looking arround I think it does but would just like to check.

Thank You for calling back !

Cheers Steven.

  Audio~~Chip 07:27 04 Dec 2012

Thank You retep888 for giving me peace of mind on this memory! Really Greatfull.

If we don't meet again before Christmas, wish you a Happy Christmas !

Cheers Steven

  Audio~~Chip 07:28 04 Dec 2012

Ticked the boxes !

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