Memory help for Asus P6X58D-E Motherboard

  Audio~~Chip 00:20 07 Sep 2010

finally on my last item for a new build.
I am starting the machine on XP Pro for arround a year, it will have a Intel I7 930 2.8GHz, HD 4670 PCI-Express graphics eventually I will go onto windows 7.

Problem is Memory. ok my XP Pro is a 32bit so I know for now and as the motherboard QVL & Manual states they recomend no more than 3GB memory.

The motherboard can take the following speeds of memory.
DDR3 2000(O.C.)* /1600/1333/1066 Non-ECC,Un-buffered Memory

I don't know what a good memory is to be honest. I don't game but will be running my machine 24/7 so heat issues is a concern, I require stabilty as its also a office but also a media DVd, BlueRay, online streaming.

I know Corsair & Geil make decent memory.

Unsure if Heatsink on DIMMS is a bonus? but suppose if choosing an higher speed I might have to Clockin BIOS on the motherboard to stabalise.

One thing I have come accross in Corsair sell this click here which has Intel XMP does my intel i7 930 have support for this

Then Timings puzzle me, are higher timmings Better or Worse.

Just some guidance plese what is best decent memory please

  Audio~~Chip 00:26 07 Sep 2010

Tripple Channel but if installing 3GB (3x1GB's DIMMS) does this board need to have the Double for this config or Tri-channel

Very puzzling now

  I am Spartacus 08:31 07 Sep 2010

Many triple channel kits have XMP profiles as do many X58 motherboards. However the Intel default setting is 1066MHz, anything over that may need an increase in BCLK i.e. over clocking, to achieve a higher setting. Some motherboards though have memory dividers that let you achieve a higher setting without having to change the BCLK.

In addition it's also likely that an increase in the QPI/VTT voltage is required to run the RAM at higher frequencies, Intel default is 1.15v.

Corsair and G.Skill are recommending QPI/VTT of up to 1.6v to run RAM at 2000MHz which will increase CPU temps as the memory controller is integrated on the chip. As long as your cooling is good this isn't a major problem.

Also there's a rule that there should be no more than 0.5v between the RAM voltage and QPI/VTT voltage.

1333MHz RAM will be fine bearing in mind you're getting extra bandwidth with the triple channel RAM.

I think heat spreaders on the RAM are mainly for looks as I've read that it's designed to run at a maximum of around 90ºC.

  AL47 09:52 07 Sep 2010

the spreaders are mainly for looks,

higher clock and lower latency is better

all 1366 socket ram voltages are about 1.65 [i have a 1.6 set]

being triple channel ram ram speeds dont make that big a difference to computer speed,

i have a 1600MHz set with 8-8-8-24 latency 1.6V 3x2GB sticks, i run it at 1451MHz because my CPU is set at 3.8GHz overclock and that is due to the BCLK in both cases

even 1600 is considered overkill in many scenarios simply becasue triple channel has so much bandwidth its not really a bottleneck. 1333 wilol be fine as above post said, corsiar is meant to be best brand, crucial not so good these days, i run g.skill ripjaws FYI

  Audio~~Chip 11:58 07 Sep 2010

I will have to read your posts a few times for it to sink in, I don't have as much knowledge on the RAM side of things.

I am going to leave the post open and look arround. Becase I am running XP Pro 32bit my max on the Asus will be 3GB using 3x 1GB DIMMS I am either going to use the CPU cooler Noctua NH-U12P SE2 OR Thermalright Ultra 120 eXtreme Rev.C so hopefully heat shouldn't be a worry their.

I don't want to overclock anything major to force the CPU heat up as the machine will be on a good 18hrs a day

I use, Ebuyer, Aria, Micro Direct, Scan, IT247, Novatech where I have accounts so if you could help with anything they have which will be suitable it would be much appreciated. Thanks also for pointing out about Crucial memory as that would be the easy way out.

  I am Spartacus 12:14 07 Sep 2010

There's a Corsair 3GB kit at Scan for £82 click here or Corsair 6GB for £130 click here

If you finally upgrade to Windows 7 then the 64 bit version would mean you could use all your RAM. At the moment for the vast majority of applications 3GB would be enough providing you don't have loads of programs open at the same time.

  Audio~~Chip 12:21 07 Sep 2010

will have a look at the Corsair 3GB kit. Asus warn with this motherboard and 32bit windows putting 6Gb in will crash or cause seriuos boot problems. I have also read this in user reviews on Ebuyer.

3GB kit seems a safe bet. Would I have to do some BIOS tuning to take this Corsair 3GB Kit I am Spartacus ?

  I am Spartacus 12:27 07 Sep 2010

I recall you were looking at the P6X58D Premium and the QVL does support 6GB.

I use a P6TD Deluxe and initially used it with 6GB and Windows XP 32 bit without problems. As I heavily overclock I would have discovered quite quickly whether 6GB of RAM and a 32 bit OS were problematical.

Users reviews might possible come from people who don't know how to 'tweak' the BIOS to get the best out of it. In particular if they leave the default QPI voltage set it could well cause problems.

I've found it best to manually set the RAM voltages, QPI voltage and timings to ensure stability.

  AL47 12:37 07 Sep 2010

ive gotta say i doidnt tweak the QPI as i didnt know what to do, i may ask for youre help on that actually. im at 3.8GHZ myself with a 920

i had real problems with ram choice, there are so many kits and so many varibles!! mines fine tho, i wouldnt want 3GB it would be too little, 12 is overkill

i also have the noctua cpu cooler you are looing at

i would definitly advise 64bit btw, you cant just go to 64bit from 32, even tho you can go xp to vista etc

i reccomend getting the 6gb that spatacus suggested or these.. what i have click here

  AL47 12:41 07 Sep 2010


im thinking of going for your motherboard choice for the sata 3 and usb 3 later this year

  Audio~~Chip 12:47 07 Sep 2010

I am going to be after the Asus P6X58D-E not the Premium model, don't see the point for the extra cost unless you know of a reason why I should.

I have my XP Pro 32bit already, I don't want Vista or 7 for a year or 2 on this machine. I don't mind 3GB teamed with a I7 930 it should fly on XP shurley.

Asus manual on Asus P6X58D-E my motherboard choice stated not to fit more than 3GB when using a 32bit OS there will be no problem replacing my ram in the next year or 2.

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