memory full on new laptop

  kimbrock 13:04 16 Feb 2010

Hi, hoping someone can help as I'm not very technically savvy with computers! I bought a laptop as a replacement for my desktop which is 8 years old. I've downloaded the discs so I can use my digital camera and mobile phone and also Sims (I have a teenager!) and its saying that the memory (supposedly 1GB as advertised when i bought it) only has 7.60GB free of 39.00GB? I haven't even started moving over my files etc from my old desktop. Is the laptop faulty or am i doing something wrong? Many thanks.

  Technotiger 13:11 16 Feb 2010

You appear to be confused re Memory and Hard drive Capacity.

Yes, your laptop probably does have 1Gb of Memory, which is fine, but your other 'Memory' is in fact your Hard drive which on the face of it looks like a 40Gb Drive.

Right-click on your My Computer, then Left-click on Properties .... look at the General tab and this will show you how much Memory your computer has.

Then Open your My Computer and hover the mouse cursor over the C: Drive icon, you will then be able to see the capacity of your hard drive, and also how much is Free and how much is being used.

  Joe G 13:16 16 Feb 2010

Hi - are you running Vista? - I had exactly the same problem when I first got my laptop - Vista eats hard drive space! You need to delete some of your restore points if so by turning system restore off and then on again (assuming of course you have a stable and clean system :-) )

  kimbrock 10:00 17 Feb 2010

thanks for ure help. looks like im going to have to expand the memory then.

  tullie 10:28 17 Feb 2010

No,its a bigger hard drive you could do with,maybe consider an external usb drive,mind you another gig of ram would be usefull.

  Woolwell 10:35 17 Feb 2010

I think that you need to tell us which laptop this is. There may be more than one partition. It is unusual for a new laptop to come with only 40 Gb harddrive. Even 1Gb RAM is becoming rarer.

  Joe G 13:41 17 Feb 2010

Good point - mine had a 40Gb system drive and a 40Gb data drive - if I had known the problem with Vista then I'd have gotten a bigger HD!

Clearing out the restore points does save a fair bit of space but it is a pain to have to do every couple of weeks or so!

I assume Windows 7 doesn't have this problem?

  peter99co 14:06 17 Feb 2010

It is a good idea to think of adding an external Hard Drive to put your Photographs on after you have given them a final polish. That way you free up the laptop storage and have a good back up as well. It is possible to buy external drive that only need power from the USB to run.

  kimbrock 17:32 17 Feb 2010

there is more than one partition but ive no idea what this means- I'm a technical dunce.... The specification says that 15.4" wxga, intel celeron, Logiq T1700- the manual says: Memory
64-bit Wide DDRII (DDR2) Data Channel
Two 200 Pin SO-DIMM Socket
Supporting DDRII (DDR2) at 667MHz/
Memory Expandable up to 4GB. Don't know if that helps any?

  woodchip 18:02 17 Feb 2010

Try this Right Click My Computer\Properties\Advanced\Performance\Advanced\Virtual Memory mine is set to 1524 if its not set to that try changing it to the above mine as 1 gig normal memory

  woodchip 18:04 17 Feb 2010

you can allow more Virtual Memory if you have a big Hard Drive

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