Memory frequency not as per specification

  wiganken2 10:44 05 May 2018

I have one 8GB DDR3-1333 memory stick (click here inserted into one of the two DDR3 memory slots on my motherboard which supports up to DDR3-2400 MHz memory sticks. I have run two diagnostic tools “CPUID CPU-Z” and “Speccy” and both report memory frequency as 666.5MHz which is half of 1333MHz. For what I do (nothing memory intensive) my RAM is adequate but I am confused. If my RAM stick is 1333MHz then why is it only operating at half speed? Is it a BIOS setting or is not possible to tweak RAM speed? Thank you in advance of any help.

  Old Deuteronomy 11:05 05 May 2018

Check in the BIOS, it looks like DDR (double data rate) is not enabled.

  Flat Earther 12:11 05 May 2018

666Mhz is correct, DDR means the transfer rate is double the frequency.

  wiganken2 15:42 05 May 2018

Thanks for your answers. More questions arise from this: - I am only using one DDR3 slot with 8GB DDR-1333 module in it. Am I correct that using both DDR3 slots is faster than using one because they are working in parallel? I am not doing memory intensive stuff and I am happy with how things perform so I reckon my questions are only because I like to understand what goes on inside my PC. I could probably get away with 4GB RAM in the form of two 2GB DDR3-1600 modules (faster than 1333). This would be quite cheap at £36 but would any speed increase be noticeable? If not then I'll leave well alone.

  Old Deuteronomy 16:04 05 May 2018

You are right that using both memory slots should be faster as the memory interface will be able to operate in dual-channel mode, theoretically doubling bandwidth. However, you will likely gain more from having 8GB than you lose from not having dual-channel enabled.

  wiganken2 16:15 05 May 2018

Thanks once again. I am a happy chappy now. I'll leave well alone now I understand what is going on. I'll stop following this thread now.

  Flat Earther 16:29 05 May 2018

Unless your OS is 32bit then you'd be right to leave well alone, and if it was 32bit I'd say upgrade to a 64bit version rather than downgrade the amount of RAM you have.

  wiganken2 18:46 05 May 2018

I have a 64bit Windows 8.1 OS so leave well alone then?

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