Memory failure - causing crashes / reboots

  Lacombe 15:29 14 Sep 2003

My PC keeps rebooting itself!
I have investigated alot of potentials and have determined it is not the following:

NOT some recently installed hardware or software
(took everything out and still had problems)

NOT XP needing a repair (done that AND fresh installs many times)

NOT temperature / auto reboot
(fan running fine and system checks out with temp)

I have been on many forums and many help sites to determine the problem. I have stopped XP rebooting and instead to show an error message and three things are always common.

1. The error appears to be something to do with a Memory Issue. (Usually happens with long downloads (cache not clearing?) or when running large programs (cubas / reason etc) simultaneously.

2. The EVENT VIEWER shows this message.
WARNING - Source WinMgmt - WMI ADAP was unable to process the performance libraries: 0x80041001

3. Online crash report always states that a Device Driver is the problem but cannot determine what.
In Device Manager I have one conflict under PCI Simple Communications Controller.
I do not know what this is or where it came from (it was NOT there before fresh installs)and on trying an update driver, none can be found.
I do not even know what this is!

I just have a feeling this is something to do with memory due to what I said in point 1. Very consistent in this respect.

Any help appreciated!
I am running a 1ghz PC with Windows XP and 512 memory (2x256). I have minial equipment connected and never had probelms before. All drivers are up to date and correct except th one PCI controller mentioned.

Thanks in advnace.
(Sorry for length of post - just trying to narrow some things down)

  choffe 16:01 14 Sep 2003

do u have usb 2? i found this+ modem crashed xp a lot. also (believe it or not) graphics cards can also cause this disturbance, what you need to do is go to hardware vendors sight's for all your components and look for the driver updates from them, also wether there are any known issues with xp. i got told that sapphire graphics cards on a gygabite motherboard was a no-no once, so it may be worth checking compatabillity for all your components to see if anything like that is at fault..

  daxian 16:10 14 Sep 2003

hi lacombe...
not sure that it would be a cause for constant shutdowns ,but the pci simple coms controller would be your modem, windows detects the modem as this and then when the correct driver is installed, changes it to the correct modem type .
hope this is of some help.daxian .

  Chegs ® 16:27 14 Sep 2003

The symptoms you describe are very similar to the problems I had on this puter(still get grief but not I installed three sticks of DDR,two from one mfg,the other from another.I then changed the one stick to same mfg as the other two,and STILL got probs.I then found(thru trial&error)that one of the sticks was slightly slower than the other two,and had to remove this stick to get a stable-ish install.XP would run for a few days then lockup/crash,or apps would throw up 0x000...type errors on install/use.I swapped the RAM around,trying two together,then each on its own and "speedtested" each stick,until I had enough info to decide which two sticks were most stable together.(I also installed two new SATA drives,and some of the problems were being caused by their driver,eg XP would lose data,ZA forgetting what could access the net,etc)

  Lacombe 16:48 14 Sep 2003

Definitely not modem issue. Windows recognises the old 56k modem I have in PC, but I have disabled it as I use USB Broadband modem now.
So still not sure what this PCI Comms Controller is doing there. Have disabled it anyway.

Have played around with memeory sticks but to no avil....have used these for ages before the problem started anyway. (Problem is, I haven't done anything specific for it to start doing this!)

As for grpahics card. I have had problems in the past with this. It is a PCI Card (Kyro II) and some Direct Draw functions don't work. Hercules (manufacturer) were no help, they said some of their cards don't work well with 512 memory and I should buy I new one!!! Thanks!
But again, I have used this for awhile before and had no problems for a year or two.

Thanks for help so far....

..had one idea I might try.
As the error message in Event Viewer staes is is a WMI ADAP error I am going to try and stop WMI in resources and see if the problem occurs still.


  Lacombe 08:00 15 Sep 2003


I went into Services and stopped Windows Management Instrumentation. Did some big downloads, ran some bigg applications. No problems.

Tried installing some new programs and they wouldn't install. This was because WMI was stopped I am assuming. So I started it and installed my programs no problem.

Stopped it again and ran some big programs again etc. No problems.

As soon as I started it and tried again to start a big crashed.
Stopped it, tried the download problem.

Don't know if this is the cause of the problem or just a temporary cure.

What exactly IS Windows Management Instrumentation?
What are the pros and cons of stopping this service?
Any ideas?


  choffe 11:00 15 Sep 2003

i think it is a program that integrates software with the windows environment, and acessing the net is part of the program for windows update, it may be best if you go to windows update and install the updates manually, and also to uncheck the box for automatically log on to the internet, this wont cupe but it will stop hefty phone bills after 3 or so attempts it will stop trying to acess..

  choffe 11:07 15 Sep 2003

problem with graphic cards is that they work well whilst a software environment is around, but oldre ones will start mucking systems around now that most updates installed on your system will have direct x9 strings which your card may not handle,causing it to look and send information to the wrong places. sometimes updating isn't the best cure.. sorry to contradict myself..

  Lacombe 20:18 15 Sep 2003

Choffe...this is an excellent point about graphics cards. Thanks. It may havesomething to do with this problem

Seems, at the moment I only need to start WMI if installing / unistalling programs. Will keep it turned off as it seems to working.

Will have to look into this more though!

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