Memory... Like the corners of my mind

  starslayer 09:43 24 Jan 2003
  starslayer 09:43 24 Jan 2003

Sorry for the rubbish pun. After yesterday's discussion on suitable memory for the Asus A7V333 I checked out Asus' recommended memory and it doesn't mention Crucial. It lists Samsung, Kingmax, Micron and Nanya, and I've managed to pick out a Samsung on Ebuyer. Does anyone disagree? I too have heard great things about Crucial but am reluctant to stray from Asus' recommendations. (Unless of course one of these companies IS Crucial, in which case I shall end up looking like an idjit.)

  Rowey 09:46 24 Jan 2003

I have an Asus A7M266.....with 2 sticks of crucial 256mb PC2100.

Mines been running fine for over a year now.

My father has the same MB as you and has the same amounts of memory in....again no problems!

  Gongoozler 09:49 24 Jan 2003

Hi starslayer, Crucial in a division of Micron, and as such will be using Micron parts. click here

  starslayer 09:50 24 Jan 2003

Ta very much Gon.

  BillEmm 17:11 24 Jan 2003

The Crucial Number for the 512MB (PC2700) modules is:


Similar Nos for other sized sticks.

I installed two of them on my Asus about 6 weeks ago and no problems to date.


  lezw 21:08 24 Jan 2003

hi after 3 diferent attempts at upgrading my memory had failed i used crucial and was amazed at the tech support that was given and the the service and they got it right first time

  Elrond 21:22 24 Jan 2003

Crucial will supply you with memory that will be suitable for your board. You go through a whole selection process. They're the experts

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