memory card recovery for digital camera.....

  athenrye 13:40 19 Aug 2004

just back from holiday and my wife has formated the 128 mb card in the camera.....
no photos of the holiday
any easy way or recovering these pictures from the formatted card or is that it?
i assume thats it but is there any way to do it....?
help please

  iambeavis 13:48 19 Aug 2004

A demo version of file scavenger is on this month's cover disc, you could try using that. It is also available for download (demo) from click here . Good luck.

  Smiler 13:48 19 Aug 2004

This any good click here

  iambeavis 13:52 19 Aug 2004

Looks good. I think I'll bookmark that for future reference. Thanks.

  athenrye 14:01 19 Aug 2004

ive got this months mag and disk, but my images were formatted and not deleted
is there a difference?
or just give it a try?

  woodchip 14:02 19 Aug 2004

E-Mail me and I will send a Program to get your Pictures back it's not a DEMO

  [DELETED] 14:07 19 Aug 2004

woodchip,your proggie is available here click here

does it also recover if the card has been formatted?

  Al94 14:15 19 Aug 2004

As a matter of interested I downloaded woodchip's prog, tried running it on a formatted XD card which perviously had over 200 images but it didn't find anything. Any idea why?

  woodchip 14:15 19 Aug 2004

Yes even if it's been formated more than once, They will be there if they have no been overwitten by more pictures

  woodchip 14:18 19 Aug 2004

did you have the camera switched on? or in a card reader? it should find them. You also have to point it at the Memory card or Drive

  [DELETED] 14:21 19 Aug 2004

It certainly works perfectly with deleted pics, never tried it on a formatted card, sounds GOOD.

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