memory bios settings

  pinka 14:43 12 Oct 2003

dram timing config :
safe .
i currently have this set to ultra , i assume this is the fastest .

sdr/ddr cas latency :
2t .
i currently have this set to spd , how do you find out , other than by trying it if your memory can handle 2t .

sdr/ddr ras active time :
6t .
which is the quickest ?

sdr/ddr ras precharge time :
3t .
again which is quickest ?

  pinka 17:40 12 Oct 2003


  Rayuk 18:12 12 Oct 2003

May give you an insight
click here

  pinka 18:15 12 Oct 2003

gave me more than an insight . had all the answers i needed .

  pinka 22:17 12 Oct 2003

settings ras active time 6t + ras precharge time 3t gave a pcmark 200 memory score of 3132
ras active time 7t + ras precharge time of 4t gave a score of 3029 . havent messed around with latency yet and not sure i will .

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