Memory Advice mixing speed and size of modules

  PhillyG76 18:59 02 Feb 2019

I’m building a new pc and now at the stage if it running. So far I have a cooler master MB511RGB case, Asus z370g mATX board, Intel 9600k, one 8GB Corsair vengeance lpx 2400mhz ram stick and a Samsung 970 pro 512gb SSD. And a Corsair h80 cpu Cooler. My first thought was that I wish I brought a faster ram module. But according to Asus website it shows ram can go upto I think 2600-2800mhz before overclocking and upto 4000mhz overclocked. So I’m thinking of getting one 16gb at a faster speed but that’s what I’m unsure of, I mean on The website as I said, I think max speed before iverclockibg was about 2800mhz, so would it be a bad idea to buy ram that’s faster to start with? And secondly would mixing a faster module and also one 16gb module with an 8Gb one? I’m thinking of just adding a 16gb module because I’m thinking in future rather than just filling all slots with a smaller 8 or 4gb module just add one 16gb module at a time. Admittedly 64gb if I filled all four would be overkill. But I can for now have 24gb and then either add another one 8Gb and then another later on or another 16gb in one go. Basically I’m hoping it’ll allow I have this flexibility. But the biggest headache will be the GPU. The RTX2060 seems good value, but I will at some point wanna game in 4K and don’t think it’d be that great at that resolution. I was thinking of the 2070, but that seems a hell of a lot more and I’m not that confident it’d be that great for 4k. I’m thinking that if your gonna spend £500 for a 2070 you may as well spend the extra on the 2080. It’s annoying because the 2060 does seem good value, but with 4k tv’s getting cheaper, it doesn’t seem a card that would cope a few years down the line. Everything I’ve brought seemed great value such as the board and the CPU, but GPU’s? I’m even considering AMD cards now. But I’ve always liked NVIDIA because I like the frequent driver updates and if money wasn’t a factor I still believe they usually have the edge. And also I do like the ray tracing ability, but I think to use ray tracing well, you probably need at least the 2080. If anyone has used ray tracing quite well with the 2070 or even 2060, then I’d like to hear more. This has turned into more of a rant sorry guys.

One finally question. I’ve realised that I will need quite a big hard disk, and thinking of a 4tb Wwstern Digital Black. There didn’t seem much difference in price between the blue and black models. But can anyone recommend a better alternative? I’m not sure speed wise if there is much more speed with the higher models but last time I looked there didn’t seem much to save by getting lower spec models, what are all your thoughts?

Many thanks and I hope at some point I can return the favour is some way.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:14 03 Feb 2019

Its better to have all your RAM paired to same size and speed although you can mix

sites seem to suggest you must pair i.e. 2x 8 and / or 2x 16 would work, cant see anywhere mentioning just one RAM module. Therefore would suggest if you can afford it 2x 16G modules to start.

  wee eddie 18:25 03 Feb 2019

Also, your RAM will work at the speed of the slowest

  wee eddie 20:36 03 Feb 2019

I'm not sure of this but, ìf your Graphics Card is handling that side of things, 2 x 8GB should be sufficient.

  PhillyG76 20:41 03 Feb 2019

I’m using built in Intel gpu at moment so it’s looking like that is the main issue. Thanks people you’ve cleared a few things up for me now. It seems I just need to concentrate more on fitting a good gpu rather than worry too much about ram

  wee eddie 20:47 03 Feb 2019

Although many people will say that it is possible to play Games with On-Board Graphics, I am led to believe that it is a very unsatisfactory experience

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