dawes 14:20 18 Feb 2003

I have recently updated my system and have 33.5 GB'S free on my C drive and 9.42GB'S on my D drive and I seem to have more memory problems now than when I had less.Can anyone help please

  Djohn 14:23 18 Feb 2003

dawes, what type of memory problems are you having, and what operating system, also how much memory do you have?

  L.H.F 14:24 18 Feb 2003

Operating system?

PC spec?

some op sys's dont support higher amounts of memory.

if ur drive is FAT32 then change it to NTFS

  dawes 14:48 18 Feb 2003


  Djohn 14:52 18 Feb 2003

Receved via e-mail


128MB Physical

No problem at all in contacting me direct, but much better to keep it on this thread, so that many others can see the reply and help out with the answer. Best regards, J.

  Djohn 14:54 18 Feb 2003


(when I try to print I get error messages)

What do the messages say, and which printer are you using.

  hugh-265156 01:20 19 Feb 2003

i had some problems printing from a web page and found if i emailed the page to myself i could print ok.

  calwyn 09:29 19 Feb 2003

Most memory problems are not related to your hard-drives, but th the amount of extra little programs running in the background on your system, sapping your resources. First thing to do, is to look in the bottom right hand corner of your screen (next to the time) and count the icons. Each of these icons represents a program.
Try right clicking on these and closing any with an option to do so. If this helps it might be best to stop them from starting.
Also, check for viruses & defrag your hard disks just to be on he safe side.

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