fluffmaster 19:57 12 Jan 2003
  fluffmaster 19:57 12 Jan 2003

i have 256ddr (2100) and 512ddr (2100) both work fine on there own but when i out them both in i get an error message saying this system is very low on memory (msi kt3ultra series mboard)

  rev.bem 20:02 12 Jan 2003

windows me dont like more than 512mb ram!

  AndySD 20:15 12 Jan 2003

This is a known problem with the 9X operating systems you can try a memory management program like click here

  jag245 20:18 12 Jan 2003

win me does have some memory problems which you can read up on in microsoft knowledge base also,why would you need more than 512 mb.
hope it helps

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