jjgall26 10:21 03 Dec 2011

I have a laptop with 3gb of memory but I keep getting messages that I am low on memory or now and then the computer crashes. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  johndrew 10:28 03 Dec 2011

Have you looked at 'Task Manager' to see what is using the memory?

Right click 'My Computer/Properties' and check it shows the correct amount of memory is present.

  jjgall26 10:39 03 Dec 2011

Ive had a look. I am using Chrome as my browser and it seems to be using a lot of memory. Im not running anything else and it tells me I`m using 82% of memory. Cheers.

  birdface 10:50 03 Dec 2011

Go into processes in taskmanager and see what is using up most of the CPU.

If nothing running system idle process should be showing about 96% which is normal.

If chrome is the problem switch it off and use Firefox or I/E and see if things improve.

  jjgall26 11:08 03 Dec 2011

Yeah, thanks. Ive swithched to Firefox now and physical memory has gone down to 50% but with only a couple of tabs open. Ive had this problem running either Chrome or Firefox and I hate Internet Explorer. Ta.

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