memory : 4 x 256mb or 2 x 512mb ?

  Cal 14:32 28 Oct 2004

Is there any advantage in specifying which form that 1024mb of memory should take?

4 banks of 256mb or 2 banks of 512mb?
I haven't asked yet but I assume that a supplier would grant my request if I went for one or the other.


  pj123 15:00 28 Oct 2004

Are you talking new computer or updating an existing PC? Most new computers now only have 2 DDR memory slots, so 4 x 256 is not an option.

Earlier computers may have 2 or 4 SDRAM slots or even 2 SDRAM slots and 2 DDR slots, but you can only use one or the other.

  PsiFox 15:09 28 Oct 2004

Many of the higher end motherboards still have 4 slots for running in dual channel mode.

If you never want more than 1024 I would suggest 4x256Mb., as if a stick fails you are only down 256. A failure of a 512 stick would halve the RAM until you replace it.


  Cal 15:19 28 Oct 2004

Yes I'm talking new computer with manufacturer supplying standard 512mb of 2 x 256mb which I want to upgrade to 1024mb.

  Cal 15:44 28 Oct 2004

Sorted it.
Rang up supplier and was told 1024 only comes in a 2 x 512 format anyway so thats what it will be.

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