ponytail 12:21 26 Jul 2008

Is it possible to check on my system as too how much memory I have installed.If posssible I would like to install some more but not sure type to get.My motherboard is a ECS 6100SM-M AMD Motherboard.I have AMD Athlon(TM)64 Processor 3500+ if that helps.Would it possible to install some more Ram.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:27 26 Jul 2008

Right click My computer - properties - general tab.

  Ditch999 12:30 26 Jul 2008

Go to CPUZ and download and run it click here It will tell you what you have installed.
Or you could go to the Crucial memory website and run the system scanner click here It will tell you what you have and what you can put in and how much it will cost.

  cream. 14:17 26 Jul 2008

Your motherboard takes this type of memory. click here
The motherboard runs best when the memory chips match in size and speed, i.e. dual channel memory mode.

Unless you are running 2Gb of memory, your best bet might be this click here for £28. Ideal for a standard system running windows XP 32 bit.

  ponytail 07:28 27 Jul 2008

Hi Percy Vere
Looked at this one..//click here and because I am using Windows XP 32 Bit my maximum is under 4GB if I CHANGED TO 64 Bit it would go up to over a 100GB.What is involved in the changeover from 32 Bit to 64 Bit is it a simple operation and where would I get the software from.

  Technotiger 08:11 27 Jul 2008

Hi, I would advise you to forget 64Bit for XP, 32Bit is more than adequate - as is 2Gb or 3Gb RAM.

I don't think there are enough 64Bit programs available yet to warrant changing from 32Bit.

  ponytail 08:33 27 Jul 2008

Hi Technotiger As I have only 1GB OF memory how much difference do you think I would see if I installed the following.My motherboard is a ECS 6100SM-M AMD Motherboard and I would like to install this click here processor is a AMD Athlon 64 processor 3500+ if that helps.

  cream. 10:06 27 Jul 2008

forget 64it. You would need a new windows disk ( XP 64bit )some of your devices and programs probably will not work as they are no 64bit drivers for them.

If you manipulate photos, edit videos or play the latest games, then the extra 1Gb will improve things.

If you just do general computer stuff you will just see a slight improvement.

Do you want a major kick in speed? Can you upgrade your cpu? Have you the model number of your present one?

  cream. 10:10 27 Jul 2008

You could use these cpu's click here

  ponytail 11:39 27 Jul 2008

Hi Again Percy Vere/
I believe my CPU Model number is 3500+ or that is what the AMD website said is the model number.I will stick to the 32 bit system but might install the 2GB KIT OF Ram.Thanks for your advise so far.

  Technotiger 12:07 27 Jul 2008

Hi, I have been away - yes, go for the extra RAM, you might see a slight improvement.

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