LEEDASH 19:18 22 Jul 2008

Hi all i am a newbie so bear with me,I am a owner of a acer aspire 5315 laptop,lovely jubbly bit of kit.The only problem is the memory ! i keep trying to free up but it keeps saying its low ?ive tried every 'clean up' software you can think off,but nothing.Can i rub off and start again ?
Ive just tried a pc mechanic software programme which found lots of things but you have to pay for the privilage

  ICF 19:36 22 Jul 2008

Try Ccleaner click here
and Superantispyware click here

  sinbads 20:37 22 Jul 2008

Your laptop has 1gig of memory running vista on tickover can use 3/4 of this leaving you with little memory to run programs especially games.

I would suggest you install another gig of memory to improve your problem click here let it scan your computer, it will suggest upgrades/cost etc an extra gig will not cost much and would improve your system, fitting more memory into a laptop is easy click here

  LEEDASH 20:48 22 Jul 2008

Good idea but i dont want to mess up my warranty,you never know.Ive got a external hdd should i just move every thing to there ? what programmes should i keep purely on my laptop

  sinbads 21:09 22 Jul 2008

Memory and harddrive space are two different things.

start/my computer/right click on c drive and select properties, this will show you how much of your hard drive has been used and how much is free.......

Memory is like an engine that drives your programs,the size of your engine(memory )is struggling to run your pc.

  MarvintheAndroid 21:52 03 Aug 2008

Check to see if your laptop has a small removable panel on the bottom for additional memory. If so, you can easily add more. As for invalidating the warranty - well, I think it's pants that any manufacturer would take that attitude if they provide the free slot - but in any case, you could remove the extra before sending it back and they'd never know.


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