j999ner 22:09 01 Feb 2005

Is there any difference between 512mb dual channel DDR2 400Mhz and

512mb DDR 400 pc3200

  citadel 22:29 01 Feb 2005

Duel channel on my motherboard means 512 in slot 1 and 512 in slot 3. The motherboard has to be able to support duel channel mode.

  goonerbill © ® 23:09 01 Feb 2005

the difference between 512mb dual channel DDR 400Mhz and 512mb DDR 400 pc3200, is that the 512mb dual channel DDR 400Mhz will be two matched sticks of 256mb (tested to make sure that they run together without problems) which you will need a motherboard that is dual memory compatable to get the best performance (you can still use this memory in a mobo that dont not have dual memory feature). the 512mb DDR 400 pc3200 will be a single memory stick which will be compatable with any mobo.

  j999ner 23:29 01 Feb 2005

thanks both for your help.

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