whatchamacallit 01:24 30 Oct 2004

What is the max memory win98se can take?

I have 215 in my system now,but when I install the same again the system locks-up.

your input wecome.

  quack 01:31 30 Oct 2004

I take it you mean you already have 256Mb of memory in your machine. First make sure that any new memory is compatible ie: PC100 or PC133. The amount of memory you can put in is governed by your Motherboard and not by Win 98. Having said that it would be unusual for a board not to support a total of 512Mb. Check the memory is not faulty by only inserting the new memory by itself first. Lastly make sure any memory is properly seated in the Board.

  hugh-265156 01:45 30 Oct 2004

i take it you added another 256mb stick? im guessing you already have 256mb installed and some is shared by onboard graphics? but 41mb is a strange number to be shared its normally 32mb 64mb and so on????

512mb is win 98 limit i believe, you may get 'out of memory or not enough memory' errors believe it our not with more than this installed. as above it will also depend on your motherboard.

what type of memory was previously installed and what type of memory did you add? if it was the wrong type then you may have problems booting or the system may be unstable.

what motherboard or computer make and model do you have? if you know the make and model no. then click here to find the correct type and ammount your board can support. as above stick to a max of 512mb in total if your board supports this.

  whatchamacallit 02:28 30 Oct 2004

Hi thanks for your help.

Yes I have 256MB (PC2100 DDR 133mhz) in my system,
Motherboard = Jetway 867AS v266a/266b.
CPU AMD2400xp.

New memory 256mb (PC2100 DDR 266mhz)

  hugh-265156 02:57 30 Oct 2004

it seems your mobo can support a broad range of memory types and speeds click here

im no expert but pc2100 is pc2100 so it looks like you have purchased the correct type ok. sometimes this is advertised as pc266 ddr ram instead of pc2100 ddr ram this is not the mhz speed as it actually runs at 133mhz but as its ddr (double data rate) its effective to 266mhz.

it may be the new stick is just faulty.

maybe return it as faulty goods and try another stick from your supplier or get a full refund and purchase your memory from crucial they are a great company and if it doesnt work they will try very hard to help you out or give a refund no questions asked.

note if you mix and match ddr memory types (i know you didnt) then the faster memory stick should still work but only at the speed of your slowest stick.

as above though and i may be very wrong, with win 98 stick to 512mb or less in total and dont mix and match sdram with ddr. im sure you know that though.

  whatchamacallit 03:17 30 Oct 2004


Later today I will try new memory in another motherboard (Asus A7V8X)

Thanks again.

  AndySD 04:19 30 Oct 2004
  whatchamacallit 23:25 30 Oct 2004

Thanks for your input.
The new memory was tried in another PC and still failed to bootup the PC.

So it looks like this memory is faulty.

Thanks to all for their input.

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