[DELETED] 00:40 21 Aug 2004

Just recently when I try to open up a program I get the message "you have insuficient free memry to operate this program , shut down other programs" ...........Yet I don't have any other programs running !!!!!!!!!......the computor locks at this stage and I have to reboot .
Any ideas please

  [DELETED] 08:20 21 Aug 2004

When you boot the machine you will see a quick memory test being performed. Does the amount of memory there correspond with what the machine should have. For example, If the machine should have 256mb of memory but when booting the count only goes to 128mb, this may indicate that one (or more) of your memory chips have developed a fault.


  [DELETED] 10:17 21 Aug 2004

you will need to find out what is loading on startup and running in the background (even though you dont have anything started, a lot of programs are set to startup as windows does ). when you turn you pc on and get to the desktop hold Ctrl and Alt and then press Del ( sorry if you know this already ) to bring up windows task manager and then click on Processes. listed are all the programs that are running on your system and how much memory they are using. close/end process any programs that you dont need to be running but be careful as if you close something that windows uses the system could crash or hang.

maybe someone else could shed more light on what to close and what not.

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