Red.RaGe 15:19 29 Feb 2004

I have a question:
Is it worth upgrading my memory to 512 or more?
Will the performance of my comp increase by a substantial amount?
Will it boast my fps in games and decrease loading times?
I have heard that 256mb is the minimum XP will run on. Is this true?

My specs:
XP home edition
2.2Ghz P4 CPU
256MB Of memory
40GB Hard Drive
64MB Greforce 4 Graphics card.

  jg1990 15:32 29 Feb 2004

You can never have too much memory!

I suggest you get over 1Gb of memeory for win xp. It sure has boasted my laptops performace!

Try Crucial UK - click here.



  citadel 16:59 29 Feb 2004

try 512 and see how it improves things, some online games like battlefield 1942 benifit from 1024 of ram.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:02 29 Feb 2004

Win XP will run on 128 Mb RAM, albeit with a performance drop.

If you add another 256 it will work well; add 512 and you will fly along.

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